Module 3B

Canberra Croquet Club
Introductory Coaching Notes

Aussie Croquet


In this Module you will learn:

how to play Aussie Croquet

How To Play

As in Association Croquet the blue and black balls play against red and yellow (if you are using secondary colours then it is green and brown, against pink and white).

Games can either be singles or doubles. If doubles then each of the two partners has one ball only.

The game is a contest of 7 points (hoops 1 to 6, and then the peg) for each ball, giving a possible score of 14 for each side. There is usually a time limit of 30 minutes per game.

The balls are played in colour sequence (blue, red, black, and then yellow).

Before the game there is a toss. The winner can elect whether to take the choice of lead (play first or second), or choose which balls. The loser of the toss then has the other choice.

To start the game the balls are played from one mallet head back from hoop 1. This gives everyone a fairly good chance of making the first hoop!

Each turn consists of only one stroke. However:

If you do both then only the one extra stroke is received.

You are allowed to use each of the other three balls only once without making a hoop in your turn. If you make the hoop then you are allowed to use them again.

Balls that go over the boundary line are measured in one yard from the point where they left the lawn (yarded in). You should always measure your ball in with your back to the lawn.